Tacha Imitate’s Nicki Minaj Outfit But Made Different Fashion Statements – Photos

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Popular BBNaija star Tacha recently uploaded some images of herself trying to replicate Nicki Minaj’s looks. However, she slightly altered the look, allowing her to make a creative fashion statement.

We will be closely examining their attire, noting the contrasts in their physical characteristics, and perhaps picking up some fashion advice from them.

If you look closely at the picture above, you can see that the textiles they were wearing were varied and complemented the traits on their bodies. While Tacha’s fabric has a lot of black dots, Nicki Minaj’s appears transparent but is actually fashioned with a creative drawing that resembles an animal skin.

The fringe Bob haircut is popular among Tacha and Nicki Minaj, however they have various shapes and tones. Despite the fact that their necklaces differ, they are worn in the same way. Their distinctive makeup complemented the tones of their skin. Their gorgeous white jackets go perfectly with their attire.

See photos below: