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Discover the inspiring journey of Tate McRae, the Canadian singer, songwriter, and dancer who captured hearts on “So You Think You Can Dance” and soared to stardom with her viral hit “One Day.” In this blog post, we delve into her early life, career beginnings, recording success, and the recent milestones that have shaped her into the artist we know today.

Tate McRae’s  Early Life and Education:

Born on July 1, 2003, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Tate McRae’s passion for dance blossomed early. From her beginnings at Drewitz Dance Productions to her training with YYC Dance Project and the School of Alberta Ballet, McRae’s dedication to her craft paved the way for her success. Learn more about her childhood, time in Oman, and graduation from Western Canada High School in 2021.

Tate McRae’s  Career Beginnings and Breakthrough:

From voicing characters on “Lalaloopsy” to winning awards at the Dance Awards in New York City, McRae’s journey took a significant turn in 2016 on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Explore her groundbreaking third-place finish, cover feature on Dance Spirit Magazine, and subsequent achievements with the Alberta Ballet Company.

Tate McRae’s  Start of Recording Career:

Uncover the origins of McRae’s recording career, initiated through her YouTube channel’s popularity. The “Create with Tate” series, featuring her original songs, led to the viral sensation “One Day” and a record deal with RCA Records in 2019. Learn about the release of her debut EP “All the Things I Never Said” and the hit single “Tear Myself Apart.”

Further EPs and Albums:

Dive into McRae’s musical journey post-debut EP, from the chart-topping success of “You Broke Me First” to collaborations with artists like Ali Gatie and Troye Sivan. Explore the release of her EP “Too Young to Be Sad” and the accolades it garnered, including becoming the most-streamed EP by a female artist on Spotify in 2021.

Tate McRae’s  Media Appearances and Festivals:

Witness McRae’s captivating performances on popular shows like “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and at renowned music festivals such as Lollapalooza and iHeartRadio Music Festival. Explore her extensive media features on magazine covers, including “Dork” and “Hunger.”

Tate McRae’s  Artistic Influences:

Discover the diverse influences that have shaped Tate McRae’s musical style and performance, from artists like Jessie Reyez and Post Malone to dance icons like Jennifer Lopez and Justin Timberlake. Learn about the songwriters who inspire her craft, including Julia Michaels, Alec Benjamin, and Taylor Swift.

FAQs About Tate McRae:

  1. What is Tate McRae’s net worth?
    • Tate McRae’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million.
  2. When was Tate McRae born?
    • Tate McRae was born on July 1, 2003, making her 20 years old.
  3. Where was Tate McRae born?
    • Tate McRae was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  4. What is Tate McRae’s profession?
    • Tate McRae is a singer, songwriter, and dancer.


Tate McRae’s journey from a talented contestant on a dance competition to a globally recognized artist showcases the power of passion, dedication, and raw talent. Follow her rise in the entertainment industry, and stay tuned for more as she continues to spread her wings in the music world.