Teacher arrested for allegedly defiling a 6-year-old pupil in the school toilet (Video)

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A teacher at Royal Children School in Asaba, Delta state, has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 6-year-old student in the school bathroom.

On Tuesday, March 1, the minor’s relative shared the heartbreaking report on social media, revealing that the victim is badly injured in her private part.

According to Instagram user @myhairven, the teacher allegedly threatened to kill the young girl if she reported him to anyone.

She wrote,

Royal children school must be shut down, my 6 year old niece was raped repeatedly by a teacher In the school toilet.

She was badly injured and scattered down there 😡😭

I am heartbroken 💔 the school is trying to cover up the matter.

They have messed with the wrong child ,I won’t let this slide never ever .

My sister is hurt beyond words ,my family is hurting too .

I need help 😭please help me tag the right authorities to take up the matter for me .

My followers,my fellow online vendors help me I need you to tag the right authorities and blogs to take up this matter .

This must stop ✋ our girl child cannot continue to suffer this.

See her post below: