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In the vibrant landscape of Nigerian rap, one name stands out as a true luminary – Terry Tha Rapman. Born Terry Terhemba Madaki on January 8, 1976, in Lafia, Nassarawa State, this prolific songwriter and rapper have carved an indelible mark on the music scene. Let’s dive into the captivating narrative of Terry Tha Rapman’s life, education, and illustrious career.

Terry Tha Rapman’s Early Life and Education:

Terry Tha Rapman, originally from the Tiv tribe in Benue State, spent his formative years in Kaduna. His journey into the world of rap commenced at the age of 15, performing for his high school. After completing his secondary education, he pursued mass communication at the Federal Polytechnic, Kaduna. This educational background laid the foundation for the eloquence that defines his lyrical prowess.

The Genesis of a Rap Icon:

Terry began working on a demo after high school, gaining early recognition through radio exposure in Kaduna. Formerly known as Terrific, he later transformed into Terry Tha Rapman and joined The Crock City Click in 1995. The group gained prominence with hits like “Fashi” and “Tha Illest” on their demo tape. A turning point came when Six Foot Plus brought their recording to Lagos, amplifying their reach through Lagos radio stations.

After facing numerous setbacks in securing a record deal, the group disbanded due to religious differences. Terry’s family relocated to Jos in 2000, and fate intervened when Solo Dee, CEO of Payback TIME Records, offered him a record deal. This marked the beginning of Terry Tha Rapman’s professional journey in the music industry.

Pinnacle of Success:

Since his debut in 2001, Terry Tha Rapman has released an array of albums and successful singles, collaborating with industry heavyweights like Jhybo, Olamide, and 2baba. His 2007 album, “Tha Rapman Begins,” catapulted him to fame, earning him accolades such as the Best Rap Single at the Headies Awards.

In 2012, Terry organized the Terry Tha Rapman Zoombie rap competition, won by the talented Blaqbonez, who triumphed over 3000 participants. This event showcased Terry’s commitment to nurturing new talent in the Nigerian rap scene.


Terry Tha Rapman’s discography is a testament to his musical versatility. From “The Life of Joe Spazm” to “For The Culture,” each album and mixtape reflects his evolution as an artist.

Terry Tha Rapman’s Singles:

Noteworthy singles like “Obi (She Dey Whine)” ft. Olamide and “Reality Rap” underscore Terry’s ability to blend poignant lyrics with captivating beats. His collaborations with diverse artists enrich the Nigerian music landscape.

Awards and Nominations:

Terry Tha Rapman’s trophy cabinet boasts accolades like the Headies Award for Best Rap Single and Lyricist on the Roll. His remix of “Sample” featuring Stereoman and Pherowshuz earned him the Best Rap Single award.

Terry Tha Rapman’s Net Worth:

While talent is immeasurable, Terry Tha Rapman’s estimated net worth stands at $150,000 USD, a testament to his impact on the music industry.

Terry Tha Rapman’s Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Terry Tha Rapman through his Instagram handle @terrytharapman and on Twitter @terrytharapman.


Terry Tha Rapman’s journey from a high school performer in Kaduna to a rap icon is a tale of resilience, talent, and unwavering passion. His contributions to Nigerian rap have left an indelible mark, and the journey continues for this maestro who continues to inspire and innovate.


Q1: What inspired Terry Tha Rapman’s rap career? A1: Terry Tha Rapman’s journey into rap began at the age of 15, performing for his high school. His passion for the art form and early exposure through radio ignited his career.

Q2: How did Terry Tha Rapman discover Blaqbonez? A2: Terry organized the rap competition “Terry Tha Rapman Zoombie” in 2012, where Blaqbonez emerged as the winner, showcasing Terry’s role in discovering and promoting new talent.

Q3: What are Terry Tha Rapman’s notable awards? A3: Terry Tha Rapman has received accolades such as the Headies Award for Best Rap Single and Lyricist on the Roll, showcasing his impact on the Nigerian music scene.