The Biggest Dance Reality Show Hits Nigerians Screens – Glo Battle of the Year

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With the auditions for the Glo Battle of the Year competition having recently concluded, excitement is building as regional champions are expected to hit the screens.

Globacom hosted a media parley and interactive session on Thursday, where it provided updates on the completion of regional auditions for the competition across the country, as well as the next steps of the competition, which will include a dance mentorship program for all regional winners, and plans to air the entire show to all Nigerians early next year, as well as the semi-finals and finals of the show, which will also be aired live on television.

Local and international dance legends such as Poco Lee, Pinky Debbie, Izzy Odigie, Big Flo, Maxbuck, Dunamis, Franc Okwara, JC Jedor, Poxy (Cameroon), Gidnasty (USA), Menno (Netherlands), and Manuela (Germany) all took part in the regional auditions, delighting fans and judges. They are also expected to compete in the next round of the competition.


The contestants at the regionals expressed their joy and gratitude for the opportunity to showcase their abilities. Attendees at the Enugu auditions, such as Festus Kalu, said he was a first-time participant in a dance-focused competition and expressed hope that he would continue to pursue a dance career after the competition. “I saw the ad on Facebook and decided to come and give it a shot.” If I win, I’d like to open a dance studio and fully pursue my dance career,” he said.

Mariam Lawal, another contestant at the Abuja auditions, stated that she has been dancing since she was ten years old and is currently employed as a dance teacher in a private secondary school in Kaduna. “It will be amazing to make it to the semifinals and finals in Lagos,” she said. If I win, I plan to use the money to help those who are less fortunate.”

Glo Dance Battle, Nigeria’s Biggest Dance Reality Show, Has Arrived
In addition, Judah Wilson, a dance instructor who auditioned in Lagos, stated that it was his first time auditioning and he had no idea what to expect. He went on to say that making it to the finals would be fantastic because it would allow him to showcase his full talent to the nation.

The fantastic surprises in store for the winners include a chance to win a million dollars and the opportunity to represent Nigeria at the global stage of the competition.