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In the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, two brothers, Benjamin and Kingsley, embarked on a musical journey that would lead them from the choir stalls to the global stage. Born in the early ’90s but originally hailing from Orlu, Imo State, the duo, known as The Cavemen, found their roots in the vibrant city of Lagos. Their story is one of passion, diverse musical influences, and a dedication to their craft.

The Cavemen Early Years and Musical Influences:

The Cavemen’s early exposure to music was as diverse as their backgrounds. Raised in a household where their mother favored evangelical tunes and their father preferred the likes of Michael Jackson, West Life, ABBA, and other pop icons, the brothers developed a broad musical palette. However, it was their driver’s love for high-life music, particularly the sounds of Oliver De Coque, that ignited their passion for the genre.

The Cavemen Educational Backgrounds:

Kingsley pursued a law degree, graduating from Babcock University and the Nigerian Law School in Kano. Meanwhile, Benjamin enrolled in the Peter King College of Music in Badagry, Lagos, honing his skills and deepening his love for rhythm.

The Birth of The Cavemen:

Founded in March 2018, The Cavemen caught the attention of Lady Donli, marking the beginning of their rise to fame. To avoid legal issues, the band stylized their name with a dot. Their debut song, “Osondu,” and the subsequent release of their first album, “Roots,” in August 2020, showcased their talent and unique style. Remarkably, the entire album was recorded and produced by the duo in their living room.

The Cavemen Career Milestones:

The Cavemen’s reputation for electrifying live performances grew, and they garnered further acclaim by producing 11 tracks on Lady Donli’s “Enjoy Your Life” album. In 2021, they released their sophomore album, “Love and Highlife,” featuring collaborations with musical luminaries such as Cobhams Asuquo, Asa, Onyeka Onwenu, and more. Notably, their enchanting track “Anita” earned them a nomination at the prestigious Headies Award.

Noteworthy Songs:

  1. Osundu
  2. Akaraka
  3. Me You I
  4. Runaway Lady
  5. Ifeoma Odoo
  6. Bolo Bolo
  7. Anita

Awards and Nominations:

  • The Headies 2020: Best Alternative Album – The Cavemen – Roots (Won)

Financial Success:

Since their inception in 2018, The Cavemen have achieved considerable financial success, boasting a combined net worth of $300,000.

Connect with The Cavemen:

  • Instagram: the.cavemen
  • Twitter: @staycavy
  • Facebook: thecavemennz

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: When did The Cavemen band start? A: The Cavemen were founded in March 2018.

Q: What was their debut album? A: Their debut album is titled “Roots,” released in August 2020.

Q: What influenced their love for high-life music? A: The Cavemen credit their driver, who played songs by Oliver De Coque, for exposing them to high-life music.

Q: How was their sophomore album “Love and Highlife” received? A: The album, released in October 2021, featured guest performances and received critical acclaim.


The Cavemen’s journey from Lagos to the global stage is a testament to their musical prowess and dedication. With roots in high-life and a penchant for live performances, this dynamic duo continues to captivate audiences worldwide. From their humble beginnings in the early ’90s to winning prestigious awards, The Cavemen are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.