The Family whose sick son, Jeremiah, being mistaken for Ifeanyi Adeleke Speaks (Video)

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A particular video of a kid on a sickbed has gone viral on the internet in the wake of the passing of Ifeanyi Adeleke, the 3-year-old son of musician Davido and his fiancée, Chioma Rowland.

According to the statements made in the video, the toddler is Ifeanyi, who is alive and recovering.

Additionally, #IfeanyiIsAlive has overtaken other hashtags as the most popular one on Nigerian social media in recent hours due to claims that the singer’s kid is still alive.



A fact-check confirmed that the child is not Ifeanyi. The toddler is Jeremiah Gracen, a boy who is battling TK2D disease. The viral video was taken from his social media pages.


Jeremiah Gracen’s family also addressed the situation on social media, expressed their sympathies to the Singer, and chastised people who were using their son’s video to get notoriety.

They wrote;

Whew. Social media. There are millions of shares and reels in countries within Africa of Jeremiah’s last hospital viadeo. They all claim to be breaking news of someone named Davido’s son who tragically passed.

My condolences to the family. It’s too much for me to keep up with. If those of you especially in Nigeria can tag the family, media and others with a voice I would greatly appreciate it, and I’m pretty sure so would they. Tough post for me…! just want them to remove my son’s picture as it’s false and disrespectful. Please report their posts.”