“The Lady Was Lying, After God Fear Women” – DJ Obi Reacts To Burna Boy’s Club Saga

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In response to the Burna Boy club scandal, DJ Obi warned men to exercise caution because, after God, women are the ones to dread since, in his opinion, the woman is lying.

Burna Boy and his friends’ shooting incident at a club in Lagos took on a new twist when the married woman who was engaged in the event came out and said that the singer had tried to approach her before a misunderstanding led to the shooting.

In response, DJ Obi expresses his disbelief in the woman’s account and inquires as to if she is more attractive than Burna Boy’s ex-girlfriend Steff London. He then offers to grant her that privilege because, in his eyes, no woman is now worth his time.

He claimed that since Burna Boy’s guys are properly trained and have guns because of this, it follows that if they utilized them, there was a threat to his life or the lives of any of his guys. He then asked who tossed the bottle first.

After claiming that men should fear women since the tale of the woman who just so happened to be the center of this club tragedy is nothing but a fat lie, DJ Obi then used the occasion to caution men to be cautious around women.

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