“The only woman who took me in after my mother rejected me” – James Brown Celebrates His Grandmother

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Popular Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown has taken to social media to hail his grandmother who took him in him after his mother and other family members rejected him.

Being single is not easy, I need a man" - Crossdresser, James Brown cries  out

Taking to his Instagram page, the male barbie shared astonishing photos of his grandma and recounted how his biological mother rejected him when he was just two days old, and how his grandma took him in and took care of him.

James Brown wrote;

“This is my grandma 👵 the woman I cherish the most with my blood 🩸, body and soul. This is the only woman who took me in when I was rejected by my mom back then when I was just 2 days old, this woman breastfeed me ,clothe me, gave me Shelter, knowing fully well that I’m just her granddaughter /son.

Back then I thought she was my biological mom for 6 years, even after my biological mother finally surface, I was still not accepted. My grandma took me back loved and supported me as always.

I stayed with my grandma and my great grandma almost all my life. As Yoruba will say : omo agba (elder child) I love my grandma 👵 so much because she has always supported my dreams And even though she never understood it, she was standing and fighting for me even back then when my Aunty bite my eye, she fought for me even when all my family members didn’t like me.

She was always there, and then I said to my self if my grandma can support and believe in me then I don’t have to worry about anyone opinion coz she is the best
Big thanks 🙏 to my Grandma for accepting my personality may she live long to enjoy the fruit of her labor !!
God bless you grandma !!!”

See photos below: