Tonko Dike Takes Away Fathers Surname from Her Son Permanently Say He Is Just A Spe*m Donor

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Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood actress, has accused her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, of being a bad father to their son, King Andre.

The young boy recently turned 7, and his father shared a heartfelt birthday message on social media.

Tonto Dikeh chastised him for celebrating their child’s birthday while refusing to be a part of his life as a child.

The mother of one said he has never paid the boy’s school fees or explored visitation, but he continues to tell people that she denies him access to his child.

Tonto stated in a lengthy rant on Instagram that she has been single-handedly caring for King Andre while Churchill takes credit.

She wrote in part:


“Being a FATHER has less to do with your spe*m and more to do with your HEART… For the past 7years, you have done it all to hurt my child, From spiritually to physically.

The court of law does not admit Diabolical proofs but the magnitude of my Proof of your diabolical nature made them understand my FEARS for the life of my child and asked that you ONLY HAVE EXTREMELY-STRICT- SUPERVISED VISITATION BY SOMEONE I TRUST….

Why would a court put such a Huge law on you? What you won was the PRICE of CS fee after you told the judges you were BROKE and even demanded that I paid your transportation fees to court (It’s all in the court transcript which you/ lawyers should have and I also have..)

For 7years, you have only paid 4 MONTHS CS fee, NO/ZERO SCHOOL FEES and have NEVER EVER DONE A VISITATION OR ATTEMPTED TO.. yet you self pity telling people you don’t have access to my child? After much BEGGING and pleading, I let you come around for his 1st birthday with you contributing NOT EVEN A PIN OR GIVING HIM A PRESENT. Yet you ran to social media to post pictures as though you lifted a finger, even told people you sponsored the party..

My stand is my stand, I would not spend so much MONEY taking care of a child ALONE for you to have access, only to DECEIVE the world that you are taking care of him (you were called 6years ago to pay school fees By the school, you told them you had made a transfer and BLOCKED them, so I decided to take away your SURNAME from his permanently)..”