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Meet Tukur Mamu, the enigmatic journalist hailing from Fika town in Yobe State, Nigeria. Born on January 6 to Mallam Mamu Duba Gari and Mamu Duba Gari, Tukur’s real date of birth remains shrouded in mystery. His journey unfolds from the serene landscapes of Yobe State, where he pursued his primary and secondary education before venturing into the realm of academia.

Tukur Mamu  Career:

Tukur Mamu’s name resonates in the journalistic sphere, particularly as the overseer of publishing for the Kaduna-based Desert Herald Newspaper. However, he gained notoriety for his role in mediating between the families of victims and the perpetrators behind the Kaduna-Abuja train abduction.

Controversy struck when the Department of State Services (DSS) implicated Mamu in charges of “logistics provider, helping and abetting acts of terrorism.” The arrest stemmed from his dealings with his father, a renowned negotiator in northern Nigeria. Detained at Kano airport upon his return from Egypt, Mamu faced allegations of outpacing security services in negotiating hostage releases.

The DSS’s raid on Mamu’s residence unveiled a trove of incriminating materials, including military accoutrements, various currencies, and financial transaction instruments. Peter Afunanya, DSS spokesperson, confirmed the raid, stating that valid search warrants were executed during the operation.

Tukur Mamu Personal Life:

Tukur Mamu’s personal life intertwines with both triumphs and tragedies. Married to the late Hajiya Bilkisu, the union bore children before Mamu’s eventual detention. His family includes a brother, Muh’dTukur’sTukur’sadi Mamu.

Tukur Mamu  Net Worth:

While Mamu’s career achievements are noteworthy, details about his net worth remain elusive, adding an air of mystery to his profile.

Tukur Mamu  Media Handles:

Curiously, Tukur Mamu maintains an enigmatic presence on social media, with handles remaining undisclosed.


Q1: What led to Tukur Mamu’s arrest? A: Tukur Mamu was arrested by the DSS on charges of “logistics provider, helping and abetting acts of terrorism” due to his alleged involvement in negotiations with terrorists and kidnappers.

Q2: What was found during the DSS raid on Mamu’s residence? A: The DSS discovered incriminating materials, military accoutrements, various currencies, and financial transaction instruments during the raid on Tukur Mamu’s residence.

Q3: Is Tukur Mamu active on social media? A: Tukur Mamu’s social media presence remains undisclosed, adding an element of intrigue to his public persona.