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Tunde Bakare’s life is a fascinating tapestry of diverse experiences, from his early roots in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, to his transformation from a successful lawyer to a prominent Christian minister and political figure. This blog post delves into the key milestones of his life, career, and the impact he has made, touching on his political endeavors, influence, and personal life.

Tunde Bakare Early Life and Career Transition:

Born on November 11, 1954, in Abeokuta, Tunde Bakare hails from a family with a strong Islamic heritage. However, in 1974, he embraced Christianity, marking a significant turning point in his life. After studying law at the University of Lagos between 1977 and 1980, he was called to the bar in 1981 and began his legal career with prestigious firms such as Gani Fawehinmi Chambers and Rotimi Williams & Co.

In October 1984, Bakare founded his law firm, Tunde Bakare & Co (El-Shaddai Chambers), but in 1988, he experienced a divine calling that led him to establish the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s first Model parish. Subsequently, on April 1, 1989, he founded The Latter Rain Assembly, where he currently serves as the Serving Overseer.

Ministry and Global Impact:

Beyond his local ministry, Tunde Bakare has had a global impact through his role as the president of the Global Apostolic Impact Network (GAIN) and Latter Rain Ministries, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. Recognized for his service, he was awarded a Doctor of Ministry degree by Indiana Christian University in 1996.

Tunde Bakare Political Involvement:

Tunde Bakare’s political journey took a significant turn when he became the running mate of Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria’s 2011 Presidential Elections under The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). In 2019, he declared his intention to succeed Buhari, sparking varied reactions. Bakare’s foray into politics aligns with his commitment to societal change and the betterment of Nigeria.

Influence and Impact Beyond Ministry:

Determined to give back, Bakare founded The Family Heritage Foundation, offering scholarships to underprivileged students globally. In 2007, the International Centre for Reconstruction and Development (ICRD) was established to reshape Nigeria’s social, economic, and political landscapes.

As the Convener of the Save Nigeria Group (SNG), Bakare advocates for increased political awareness and citizen participation, standing on the side of the oppressed.

Tunde Bakare Personal Life:

Tunde Bakare’s personal life is anchored in his marriage to Layide Bakare, with whom he shares five children. This stable family life complements his dynamic public roles.

Tunde Bakare Net Worth:

According to various online sources, Tunde Bakare’s estimated net worth ranges from $1-5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What led Tunde Bakare to transition from law to ministry?

A: Tunde Bakare experienced a divine calling in May 1988, prompting him to establish The Latter Rain Assembly and redirect his career toward ministry.

Q: How has Tunde Bakare contributed to societal change?

A: Bakare has been actively involved in politics, founded organizations like The Family Heritage Foundation and ICRD, and led initiatives through the Save Nigeria Group to promote positive change in Nigeria.

Q: What is Tunde Bakare’s political background?

A: Tunde Bakare served as the running mate of Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria’s 2011 Presidential Elections, representing The Congress for Progressive Change.


Tunde Bakare’s journey from law to ministry and politics, coupled with his impactful leadership, reflects a life dedicated to positive change. From global ministry to political advocacy, Bakare’s influence spans diverse spheres, leaving an indelible mark on Nigeria’s social, economic, and political landscapes.