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Discover the captivating journey of Uche Jombo, a renowned Nollywood actress born on December 28, 1979, in Abiriba, Abia State, Nigeria. Despite facing challenges growing up, Uche’s undeniable talent and resilience propelled her to become a powerhouse in the Nigerian film industry.

Uche Jombo Early Life and Education:

Uche Jombo’s early years were marked by difficulty, but her mother’s nurturing support led her to the church theater group, where her passion for acting flourished. Recognized as the top drama student throughout secondary school, the church played a crucial role in financing her education. Uche later earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics from the University of Calabar and a master’s degree in computer programming from the Federal University of Technology, Minna.

Uche Jombo Career Highlights:

In 1999, Uche Jombo made her debut in the Nigerian film industry with “Visa to Hell.” Not only an exceptional actress, but she also showcased her talent as a screenwriter, contributing to films such as “The Celebrity,” “Games Men Play,” and “A Time to Love.” With over 200 Nollywood films to her credit, she ventured into executive production in 2008 through her Uche Jombo Studios.

Uche Jombo Personal Life:

Uche Jombo tied the knot with Kenny Rodriguez in 2012, and the couple welcomed their son, Matthew, in 2015.

Endorsement and Social Impact:

From 2010 to 2013, Uche served as an ambassador for Globacom, showcasing her influence beyond the screen. In 2018, she joined fellow celebrities in launching GrandLux Cafe, displaying her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Filmography and Achievements:

Uche Jombo’s filmography boasts a diverse range of roles, from “Blood Sisters” in 2022 to her directorial debut in “Heaven On My Mind” in 2018. The actress has received accolades for her contributions, notably addressing societal issues through her work, such as domestic violence in the reality show “Screen Divas.”

Recent Projects and Recognition:

In 2022, Uche Jombo continued to make waves in the popular “Blood Sister” movie series alongside notable Nollywood actors. Her enduring impact on the industry is a testament to her talent and commitment.

Uche Jombo Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Uche Jombo through her Instagram (@uchejombo) and Twitter (@uchejombo) handles.


  1. What is Uche Jombo’s educational background?
    • Uche holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics and a master’s degree in computer programming.
  2. When did Uche Jombo start her acting career?
    • Uche made her debut in the Nigerian film industry in 1999 with the film “Visa to Hell.”
  3. What notable projects has Uche Jombo directed?
    • Uche directed films such as “Lost in Us,” “How I Saved My Marriage,” and “Heaven on My Mind.”


Uche Jombo’s journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a prominent Nollywood figure is truly inspiring. As she continues to excel in her career and make a positive impact, we look forward to witnessing more of her incredible contributions to the world of cinema.