Unlike Adekunle Gold, I Bring Good Luck When I Enter The Stadium – KiDi Shades AG Baby

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When KiDi went to the stadium to encourage his team after they won yesterday, he mocked Adekunle Gold, claiming that unlike him (Adekunle Gold), he (KiDi) brings good luck when he enters the stadium.

Adekunle Gold has visited the stadium twice to witness live matches; regrettably, the side he backed lost both times, prompting others to caution him not to visit the stadium again when his team is in action.

KiDi was at the stadium yesterday to support the Emirates, who won the match at the end of the day, but he decided to add insult to injury by making fun of Adekunle Gold and stating he doesn’t have good luck.

Unlike Adekunle Gold, KiDi brings good luck to the stadium because his team won the game when he was present, whereas Adekunle Gold’s team lost the game when he was present to support them.

This could be a joke from KiDi, but we don’t know how Adekunle Gold felt about it at the time because it was a sensitive matter, and KiDi appears to be rubbing it in his eyes because he went to the stadium and his team won.

See Screenshot below;