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In the world of Mexican entertainment, Vicente Fernández remains an iconic figure, celebrated for his contributions to music, film, and production. In this blog post, we’ll explore the life, career, controversies, and the indelible legacy left behind by the beloved artist.

 Vicente Fernández  Early Life:

Vicente Fernández was born on February 17, 1940, in Guadalajara, Mexico, to a rancher and a housewife. His childhood dreams of becoming an actor and his passion for music, ignited when gifted a guitar, paved the way for a remarkable journey in the entertainment industry.

 Vicente Fernández  Career Beginnings:

At 21, Fernández made his mark on television and, in 1965, moved to Mexico City to pursue a music career. With over 80 albums and more than 30 films, he became one of Mexico’s best-selling recording artists, winning numerous awards, including nine Latin Grammy Awards.

 Vicente Fernández  International Breakthroughs:

In 1978, Fernández achieved international recognition with his cover of “Volver Volver.” His popularity soared, leading to his first million-selling album, “15 Grandes Con el Numero Uno,” in 1983. He later earned the title “Mexican Sinatra” in the United States during the ’90s.

Farewell Concert:

In a poignant moment in 2016, Fernández bid farewell to his illustrious career with a concert at Estadio Azteca, attended by over 80,000 fans. The event was immortalized in the album “Un Azteca En El Azteca, Vol. 1 (En Vivo).”

 Vicente Fernández  Acting Career:

Alongside his musical success, Fernández starred in 30 films, playing the archetypal “macho” Mexican man on screen. Notable credits include “Por tu Maldito Amor” and “Mi Querido Viejo,” his final film in 1991.


In his later years, Fernández faced controversies, including controversial remarks and accusations of sexual assault. Despite these controversies, his impact on Mexican culture and entertainment remains undeniable.

 Vicente Fernández  Personal Life and Death:

Fernández married Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor in 1963, and together they had several children. In 2021, after battling health issues, including prostate and liver cancer, Fernández passed away on December 12 at the age of 81.


Q1: What were Vicente Fernández’s major achievements? A1: Vicente Fernández won nine Latin Grammy Awards, 14 Lo Nuestro Awards, and three Grammy Awards. He recorded over 80 albums, with his 2007 album “Para Siempre” selling over two million copies globally.

Q2: How did Vicente Fernández impact the international music scene? A2: Fernández achieved international recognition with his hit “Volver Volver” in 1978, and in the ’90s, he gained popularity in the United States as the “Mexican Sinatra.”

Q3: What controversies surrounded Vicente Fernández in his later years? A3: In 2019, Fernández made controversial remarks about refusing a liver transplant, and later faced accusations of sexual assault by singer Lupita Castro.


Vicente Fernández’s legacy is a multifaceted tapestry of musical brilliance, cinematic excellence, and cultural influence that will forever resonate in the hearts of his fans worldwide.