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Victor Mugubi Wanyama’s story is one of resilience and triumph over adversity. Born on June 25, 1992, in Nairobi, Kenya, Victor faced numerous challenges growing up in a financially struggling family. Despite the hardships, he pursued his passion for football, eventually becoming one of the most successful and celebrated Kenyan footballers. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Victor’s remarkable journey from the streets of Nairobi to his illustrious career in top European football leagues.

Victor Wanyama’s  Early Life and Education:

Victor’s journey began in Nairobi, where he attended St Peter’s Claver Primary School and later Kamukunji High School for his secondary education. Financial constraints often led to Victor being sent home due to unpaid school fees, but he persevered, even selling provisions to make ends meet.

Victor Wanyama’s  Football Career Beginnings:

Inspired by Patrick Vieira’s playing style, Victor’s elder brother, McDonald Mariga, a local footballer, encouraged him to pursue football. After finishing secondary school at the age of 15, Victor played for JMJ Academy before joining Kenyan Premier League clubs Nairobi City Stars and AFC Leopards.

Beerschot AC:

Victor’s talent caught the attention of Beerschot AC, and he signed a four-year contract in 2008. However, his time with the club was marked by challenges, including suspensions for violent tackles. Despite these setbacks, Victor’s skills on the field drew interest from clubs like Celtic and CSKA Moscow.


In 2011, Victor made a historic move to Celtic, becoming the first Kenyan to play in the Scottish Premier League. His impressive performances earned him recognition, including the Scottish Premier League Young Player of the Month award.

Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur:

Victor continued to break barriers by becoming the first Kenyan to play in the Premier League, signing with Southampton in 2013. A move to Tottenham Hotspur followed in 2016, where he made a significant impact despite facing injuries.

CF Montreal:

In 2020, Victor embarked on a new chapter in Major League Soccer, joining CF Montreal. His contributions to the team, including appearances in the CONCACAF Champions League, showcased his enduring football prowess.

International Career and Retirement:

Victor represented the Kenyan national team for 14 years, captaining the squad in 2013. He retired from international football in September 2021, leaving a lasting legacy on the pitch.

Victor Wanyama’s  Personal Life:

Victor comes from a family deeply rooted in sports, with his father and siblings also pursuing careers in football and basketball. Managed by ExtraTime Management and sponsored by Adidas, Victor’s impact extends beyond the field.

Victor Wanyama’s  Awards and Achievements:

Throughout his career, Victor has garnered numerous accolades, including Scottish Premier League titles with Celtic and a Canadian Championship with CF Montreal.

Victor Wanyama’s  Net Worth:

As one of Kenya’s wealthiest footballers, Victor Wanyama’s net worth is estimated at $13.9 million.

Victor Wanyama’s  Social Media Presence:

Connect with Victor Wanyama on Instagram (@Victorwanyama) and Twitter (@Victorwanyama) to stay updated on his journey and endeavors.


Q: When did Victor Wanyama start playing football? A: Victor began his football career at a young age and played for JMJ Academy after finishing secondary school.

Q: In which leagues did Victor Wanyama play during his European career? A: Victor played in top European leagues, including the Scottish Premier League, Premier League, and Major League Soccer.

Q: Why did Victor Wanyama retire from international football? A: Victor retired from international football in September 2021 after representing the Kenyan national team for 14 years.


Victor Wanyama’s story is one of determination, overcoming obstacles, and leaving an indelible mark on the global football stage. From humble beginnings in Nairobi to achieving success in top European leagues, Victor’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide. Follow him on social media to witness the next chapter in his remarkable career.