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In the vibrant world of African music, one artist who stands out with her unique sound and compelling story is Victoria Kimani. Born on July 28, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, Victoria’s musical journey is a fascinating tale that began in the heart of gospel-loving parents and led her from the shores of the USA to the rhythmic landscapes of Africa.

Victoria Kimani’s Early Life and Relocation:

Raised in a religious family, Victoria’s father, a talented musician, played the guitar, while her mother’s love for gospel music became the early soundtrack of her life. At the age of 13, Victoria’s world turned upside down when her family embarked on a mysterious mission trip to Benin City, Nigeria. Little did she know that this move would shape her musical destiny. After two years in Nigeria, the Kimani family eventually settled in Kenya, Victoria’s ancestral homeland.

Musical Genesis:

Victoria’s passion for music ignited at the tender age of nine when she began singing alongside her mother during gospel sessions. Joining her church choir at sixteen, she started performing as a backup singer and honing her songwriting skills. Despite her mother’s initial dreams of her becoming a nurse or lawyer, Victoria’s destiny as a singer became undeniable.

Breakthrough with Chocolate City:

The turning point in Victoria’s career came when she caught the attention of Chocolate City artist Ice Prince with her remix of “Oleku.” This marked the beginning of her journey with Nigeria’s Chocolate City label, making her the first female artist to be signed in late 2012.

Noteworthy Collaborations and Album Release:

Over the years, Victoria Kimani collaborated with industry heavyweights like Tekno, Cynthia Morgan, and Emma Nyra. In December 2016, she released her album “Safari,” featuring collaborations with African stars such as Sarkodie, Khuli Chana, Jesse Jagz, Phyno, and Ice Prince.

Independence and Advocacy:

In December 2017, Victoria announced her independence from Chocolate City, embracing the path of an independent artist. Beyond her music, she has been a vocal advocate on important issues, including women’s empowerment and combating male chauvinism.

Victoria Kimani’s Personal Life and Recognition:

Victoria Kimani’s personal life includes a two-year relationship with Ice Prince, but her current status remains private. Her accolades include nominations for the Channel O Music Video Awards and Africa Musik Magazine Awards.


Q1: What is Victoria Kimani’s musical background? A1: Victoria Kimani’s musical journey began in her childhood, influenced by her father’s guitar playing and her mother’s love for gospel music. She started singing at the age of nine and later joined her church choir.

Q2: Why did Victoria Kimani move to Africa? A2: At the age of 13, Victoria’s family embarked on a mission trip to Africa, initially landing in Benin City, Nigeria. After two years in Nigeria, they eventually settled in Kenya.

Q3: When did Victoria Kimani become an independent artist? A3: In December 2017, Victoria Kimani announced her independence from Chocolate City and embraced the path of an independent artist.


Victoria Kimani’s journey from Los Angeles to Africa is a testament to the transformative power of music and cultural exploration. As a versatile artist, advocate, and independent spirit, she continues to make waves in the African music scene, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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Instagram: @victoriakimani Twitter: @victoria_kimani