Video: “Children of these days”- School girl pulls crowd as she demostrated excelllent dance steps

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Netizens were impressed by a confident schoolgirl who danced to a Mavin crew song. Her teacher, @kamjnr1, recorded her lovely performance and uploaded it as a popular video to TikTok.

The most intriguing thing about her was that she refused to display any signs of timidity while moving her body with great ease to the music.

She must have practiced before storming the stage because of the way she dances.

She demonstrated with excellent hand motions what the Mavin crew sang in the popular song.

She once danced while leaning down and carried her gown elegantly like an adult. The crowd flew into a frenzy and clapped her on as she danced.

Watch the little girl below:



My kids are doing the mostπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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