Video: You Pay Doctors Millions For Body Surgery And Pay Me Peanut To Cover Your Surgery Scars – Man Calls Out BBN Ka3na

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A man has appeared at random to drag Big Brother Naija alumnus, Ka3na, for giving him peanuts for the tattoo artist service he provided to her.

The man claimed that despite doing a good job covering a scar embedded in her skin, she refused to reward him handsomely as expected.

According to the young man, he has dealt with many women like Ka3na, and the majority of them come to him after spending millions of dollars on their doctors for body enhancement surgeries.

He said,

I don’t know who this Ka3na is and I do not care but I just want her to properly pay me for my services. You cannot pay your doctors millions to enhance your body through surgery and then pay me peanuts to do a good job of covering the scars left after surgery using tattoos. Most of the women who need my services after their surgeries behave the same way Ka3na does”.

Watch the video below: