Video: Zazuu Crooner, Portable Reveals The Reason He Drew A Casket Tattoo Close To His Ear

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Portable, Nigeria’s popular and controversial singer, recently took to his Instagram page to explain why he got a casket tattoo next to his ear. You may remember that he recently displayed his new tattoos on his face, which included a drawing of a coffin.

Since his new name is “ANIKULETI,” a Yoruba term that means “he has death in his ear,” the musician has said that this is why he chose it.

Then he further emphasized his wickedness to the crowd. As he claimed that people welcomed an insane person to the industry so they would see madness, Portable did not hesitate to refer to himself as a mad person as well.

The musician spoke about filming his upcoming music video in Paris, France. His supporters reacted to the video, with one saying that he had been duped because his tattoo was not clearly apparent enough.

Watch the video below: