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Vivian Jill Lawrence, a renowned Ghanaian actress, has captivated audiences with her exceptional talent and unique style of acting in the Kumawood film industry. Born in Kano, Nigeria, her multicultural background, with a Scottish father and Ghanaian mother, adds a fascinating dimension to her life story. In this blog post, we delve into Vivian’s early life, career, personal experiences, and her notable filmography.

Vivian Jill Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Vivian Jill’s journey in the film industry began at an early age when she entered Ghana’s vibrant film scene. Her notable roles in movies like “Daakayee Asem,” “Adom,” “Kayoya,” “Asew Red Card,” “Sekina,” and “Rebecca” quickly established her as a well-respected and immensely talented actress.

Vivian Jill Personal Life and Challenges:

Vivian faced personal challenges, giving birth at the age of fifteen while still in secondary school. She dispelled assumptions of assault, expressing gratitude to her supportive mother and family. With sons named Clinton Prempeh and Alfie Nana Amponsah Okobeng, Vivian remains resilient in the face of personal adversities.

She remains private about the father of her second child, emphasizing that she will reveal his identity when the time is right. Vivian is determined to shield her family from public scrutiny and hopes to announce their engagement when the moment is ideal.

Difficult Times and Resilience:

In a tragic turn of events, Vivian Jill encountered a life-threatening accident on October 3rd, 2017, in Accra, Ghana. The incident prompted her to take a temporary hiatus from the film industry. Her resilience and determination to overcome challenges speak volumes about her character and commitment to her craft.


Vivian’s filmography boasts an impressive array of titles, including “Karka,” “Apetre,” “Di Masem Mame,” “Sika Sei Yonkoo,” “Subrukutu Komfo,” “You Have Got to Forgive,” and many more. Her diverse roles showcase her versatility and contribute to her esteemed status in the Ghanaian film landscape.

Financial Success:

As one of the richest actresses in Ghana, Vivian Jill Lawrence’s estimated net worth is $450,000. Her financial success reflects not only her talent but also her dedication to her craft and the entertainment industry.

Connect with Vivian Jill Lawrence:

Fans can follow Vivian Jill Lawrence on social media for updates on her life and career:

  • Instagram: @Vivian_Jill_Lawrence
  • Twitter: @Vivian_Jill_Lawrence
  • Facebook: Vivian Jill Lawrence

FAQs about Vivian Jill Lawrence:

  1. What is Vivian Jill’s background?
    • Vivian was born in Kano, Nigeria, to a Scottish father and Ghanaian mother. She moved to Ghana at the age of eight for her education.
  2. How did Vivian start her acting career?
    • Vivian entered Ghana’s film industry a few years back, starring in movies like “Daakayee Asem” and “Adom,” which gained her popularity.
  3. Tell us about Vivian’s personal life.
    • Vivian became a mother at the age of fifteen and has two sons, Clinton Prempeh and Alfie Nana Amponsah Okobeng. She remains private about the father of her second child.
  4. What challenges has Vivian faced in her career?
    • Vivian survived a near-fatal accident in 2017, prompting a break from the industry. Her resilience has been a testament to her strength.
  5. What is Vivian Jill’s net worth?
    • Vivian Jill Lawrence’s net worth is estimated to be $450,000, making her one of the wealthiest actresses in Ghana.


Vivian Jill Lawrence’s journey is one of resilience, talent, and determination, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the Ghanaian film industry. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors and fans alike.