Wahala as Actress Princess Shyngle ask – “If I die today what will you remember me for?”

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Princess Shyngle has caused problem for herself on social media, when she asked her Instagram Fans:

If I die today what will you remember me for?

Remember this is coming days after she announced via instalive that she wants to divorce her childhood crush, Gibou Bala Gaye, just three months after they got married.

This she Wrote about her spouse:

Youre a fu**king mistake. I’ve divorced your as** so leave me the f**ck alone

She just recently She took her fans on the question section asking them what they will remember her for when she dies. Just as if her fans were waiting for such question from her, they out poured their mind to her.

See Post below:



___cashamadupe:- I will always remember you for always putting your relationship before , during and after breakup on social media 😂

kingbrunobrown:- Heartbreak and bisexual

equiarhs_parlour:- How you dey marry different men every month😂

ebi_havana:- The only woman that engaged the same year for 2 different men👏👏

ousuu_boy:- The one who changes men as easy just like how you drink your water daily 🤣🤣🤣


munis_b_:- Changing men every 3-5 business days!

joe_fatty_:- Getting married three time in a Year 😂😂😂

anettemellis:- 🥳pollution

suzy4life44:- That u got married several times and divorce

mhiz_trust.k:- Clout

slickcityhair:- For being a strong, outspoken woman….I love you

akasdancescholar:- Your hotness shape and smiles

offical_ujunwa:- You will not die now amen 🙏


call_me_nkem:- Noise maker lol😂 you are not dying now sha

akyerelux:- Clout chaser 🥇

tender_sarkcess:- How you got engage with 3 men within a month

aishasaydikann:- Engage to Fredrick and end marrying Gee and divorcé before the honeymoon ends😢 and ohh she said she was converted too👏😂

officialboladez:- Fake love

paulsky12:- Queen of Divorce

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