Watch Kumar Dharmasena’s Viral Video on twitter and reddit

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Watch Kumar Dharmasena’s Viral Video on twitter and reddit


In the world of cricket, umpires often take the backseat to the players, quietly ensuring fair play and adhering to the rules of the game. However, the digital age has a way of turning unexpected moments into viral sensations, and the latest individual to experience this phenomenon is none other than renowned cricket umpire Kumar Dharmasena.


A recent viral video featuring Kumar Dharmasena has taken the internet by storm, leaving cricket enthusiasts and fans around the world intrigued and fascinated. The video showcases a side of the veteran umpire that fans have rarely seen on the cricket field.


Kumar Dharmasena is a respected name in the world of cricket, having officiated in numerous international matches, including World Cups and high-stakes encounters. Known for his calm demeanor and precise decision-making, Dharmasena has been a fixture in the cricketing world for years.

Watch Kumar Dharmasena’s Viral Video on twitter

The viral video, however, showcases a completely different aspect of Kumar Dharmasena’s personality. In the video, he is seen displaying remarkable dance moves at a social event. The unexpected sight of the usually composed umpire grooving to the music has taken the cricketing community and social media by storm.


The video has garnered millions of views, likes, and shares across various social media platforms. Cricket fans, players, and even fellow umpires have joined in the celebration, praising Dharmasena’s dance skills and showing support for his fun-loving side.

Watch Kumar Dharmasena’s Viral Video reddit

This unexpected surge of internet fame has led to numerous conversations and speculations. Many are eager to learn more about the man behind the umpire’s uniform and his passion for dance. The video has also sparked discussions about the importance of balance and leisure activities in the lives of individuals associated with high-pressure professions.


Kumar Dharmasena’s viral video has not only provided a refreshing break from the usual cricketing news but has also highlighted the multifaceted nature of individuals involved in the sport. It serves as a reminder that even those in the most serious and stoic roles can have hidden talents and moments of levity.


As the video continues to circulate and entertain audiences worldwide, one thing is clear: Kumar Dharmasena’s unexpected internet fame is a testament to the power of social media in bringing forth the hidden facets of public figures and spreading joy and positivity in the process.


While Kumar Dharmasena’s dance moves on the cricket field are limited to signaling boundaries and dismissals, his viral video has showcased a different side of the umpire, leaving cricket fans with a newfound appreciation for his off-field talents.

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