Watch Srabanti Chatterjee viral video on Twitter and reddit

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Watch Srabanti Chatterjee viral video on Twitter and reddit


The recent viral video involving popular Bangladeshi actress Shrabanti Chattopadhyay has become a subject of significant discussion on social media. In this video, Shrabanti is seen in a red short-length outfit taking a shower in a bathroom. The video has garnered attention due to the inadvertent exposure of her private parts, sparking controversy within the society.


Initially, the video was uploaded to a YouTube channel, after which it quickly spread through various social media platforms. Many viewers have criticized Shrabanit, alleging that she herself uploaded the video or granted permission for its release.

Watch Srabanti Chatterjee viral

However, Shrabanit has vehemently denied these allegations, stating that she neither uploaded the video nor granted permission for its release. She believes that someone stole the video from her personal mobile device and uploaded it without her consent.


Following this incident, Shrabanit had remained inactive on social media for some time. Recently, she has returned to social media to address her fans. In a video message, she expressed her deep regret for the incident and emphasized that it has caused great personal distress. She also stated her intention to take legal action against the individual responsible for uploading the video.

Reasons for the Video’s Virality

Shrabanti Chattopadhyay is one of Bangladesh’s most popular actresses, known for her work in both films and television. Her involvement in this video brought it significant attention. Additionally, the explicit content of the video contributed to its controversial nature and widespread discussion.

Shrabanti’s Response

Shrabanti has vehemently denied any involvement in uploading the video and expressed her intent to pursue legal action against the individual responsible.


This incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers associated with the unauthorized sharing of private content and highlights the importance of respecting an individual’s privacy online.

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