Watch The Moment Burna Boy Orders Club Dj To Stop Playing Davido’s Song

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Burna Boy has gotten a lot of people talking in a viral video due to his reactions when Davido’s song was played in a club.

He got upset as he keep hearing Davido’s song and ordered the DJ to change the song because it irritates him. His hatred for Davido is not clear because Davido clearing said he has not done nothing against him, he also said he does not know Burna boy’s reason for beefing him. On the other side, Burna Boy said, he is not cool with Davido because he is not talented and he doesn’t do good songs.


Their crash has become a circular news,Davido and Burna boy  fighting fracas in Twist club. The DMW gang trying to protect their boss Davido, stepped in to attack Burna Boy’s gang which turn everything into violent. Fans that witness their show went out to save themselves from being hurt.

Nigerians consider this as a disgrace to the music industry. This is because the Nigerian artists are known for the love and unity among themselves. Wizkid was also captioned in the video with his crew in the club enjoying his champagne together them and shows no concern about the fracas that was going on. 

Watch the video below:

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