Watch Wally Bayola viral video on Twitter and reddit

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Watch Wally Bayola viral video on Twitter and reddit


The viral video featuring Wally Bayola, which has gained widespread attention, is a segment from the popular Philippine noontime show “Eat Bulaga!” called “Sugod Bahay.” In this segment, Bayola and his co-hosts embark on visits to random houses across the Philippines, surprising the residents with gifts and engaging in interactive games.

Watch Wally Bayola viral video on Twitter

The particular video that has garnered significant attention showcases Bayola’s visit to a house located in an economically disadvantaged neighborhood. During his visit, he generously bestows gifts upon the residents and engages in heartfelt conversations about their lives. Notably, one resident expresses her heartfelt wish for a new house for her family.

Watch Wally Bayola viral video on reddit

Touched by the resident’s heartfelt plea, Bayola makes a heartfelt promise to assist her in realizing her dream. He pledges to construct a new house for her and commits to returning within a month to ensure its completion, ending the video with a touching embrace between him and the resident.


This heartwarming video was uploaded to YouTube in September 2023 and rapidly achieved viral status. It has amassed more than 10 million views and has been shared over 200,000 times across various social media platforms.

Watch Wally Bayola viral video

The video has received widespread acclaim for showcasing Wally Bayola’s generosity and compassion. Furthermore, it has been commended for shedding light on the poverty prevalent in the Philippines, thereby raising awareness of this critical issue.


However, it’s essential to acknowledge that the video has not been without its critics. Some have raised concerns about potential exploitation, contending that Bayola may be leveraging the plight of the less fortunate residents for promotional purposes and to enhance his public image.


In summary, the Wally Bayola viral video is a multifaceted and polarizing piece of media. While it has garnered praise for its acts of kindness and charitable efforts, it has also faced scrutiny for potential exploitation. This complex narrative underscores the broader societal discussion surrounding the intersection of entertainment, philanthropy, and social issues.

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