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Meet Florence, the talented Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, writer, reality TV star, and entertainer. Born in 1991 to the Anyansi family in Lagos, Nigeria, Wathoni is a native of Anambra State, hailing from the vibrant South-Eastern part of Nigeria. As an Igbo by tribe, a Southerner by region, a Nigerian by nationality, and a devout Christian, Wathoni embodies the rich cultural diversity of her homeland.

Wathoni Early Life and Career:

Wathoni’s journey to fame didn’t begin with her entry into the Big Brother Naija Show. Her career had already taken flight in the realms of writing, parenting blogging, and fashion entrepreneurship before the reality show provided the platform for her to shine even brighter. Fluent in Swahili, Wathoni is not only a single mother but also a multi-talented individual with aspirations to publish a parenting book and launch a baby talk show.

Wathoni Career Highlights:

Before gracing the Big Brother Naija stage, Florence was making significant strides in her various endeavors. The reality show served as a catapult, propelling her brand into the limelight. With a passion for parenting, she expressed her desire to publish a book on the subject and start a baby talk show, showcasing her commitment to both her personal and professional growth.

Wathoni Net Worth:

While the exact figures of Wathoni’s net worth remain undisclosed, media speculations suggest a substantial financial standing, estimated to be between $100,000 and $600,000. Her popularity as one of the standout housemates in the Lockdown edition of the reality show has undoubtedly contributed to her financial success.


Q1: What is Wathoni’s background? A1: Wathoni, born in 1991 in Lagos, Nigeria, hails from Anambra State. She is Igbo by tribe, a Southerner by region, a Nigerian by nationality, and a Christian by religion.

Q2: What languages does Wathoni speak? A2: Wathoni is bilingual and fluently speaks and writes Swahili, showcasing her linguistic versatility.

Q3: What are Wathoni’s career aspirations? A3: Wathoni has expressed her desire to publish a book on parenting and launch a baby talk show, demonstrating her commitment to her career in writing and parenting.


As Wathoni continues to soar to greater heights in her career as a fashion entrepreneur, writer, and parenting blogger, we wish her success in all her endeavors. Her journey from Lagos to the Big Brother Naija stage is an inspiring tale of talent, resilience, and determination. Stay tuned for more updates on this rising star!