“When I Used To Be A Woman” – James Brown Lists Out The Names Of The 4 Guys That Broke His Heart

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After crossdresser James Brown’s sexual video leaked online, he decided to start dressing like a man and has been making the rounds on social media.

Both celebs and his admirers complimented him on this new resolution. The socialite, however, recently made another contentious post in which he named the 4 men who crushed his heart when he was still a crossdresser.

On October 29, 2022, which is a Saturday, he posted a video of himself reflecting on his past on his verified Instagram page.

He added, “List of lads that broke my heart when I used to be a woman.” Richard (night club/uni), Fabian (secondary school), Brin (primary school), and Victor

By making this claim, he implied that he began crossdressing as a child and even had his first crush in primary school.

Under the post, he captioned,

“When I used to be a woman, boys that broke my heart 😭.”

While a majority of his fans made reference to the audio he attached to his video, some others advised him to drop feminism totally if he is changed as he claimed.

See the post and the reactions below: