Why Did You Not Acknowledge Timaya In Your Song Celebrate Me’ Netizen Quiz Patoranking

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After explaining how Timaya helped him break through, some netizens questioned Patoranking on why he didn’t identify him as one of the big figures in his song.

Timaya and Patoranking had the opportunity to perform on the same platform at an event yesterday, and Timwa joked that Patoranking didn’t mention his name in his song Celebrate Me, and that’s how their tale was told on stage.

Timaya sheltered him, fed him, and gave a free studio for him to record his breakout song Alubarika, according to Patoranking, yet he didn’t name him in his popular song Celebrate Me when he was talking about the big men.

Some netizens praised Timaya for doing free work for young artists rather than wanting to share their success or popularity with them, while others questioned Patorank about why he didn’t acknowledge him after all he’d done for him.

Patoranking appears to have neglected to add Timaya’s name in his Celebrate Me song to thank him for everything he’s done for him, or he wanted a large stage to talk about him alone since he appreciates what he’s done for him more.

Video and screenshots below;