Why I Turn Down Movie Roles – Toyin Lawani Spills

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Toyin Lawani, a popular Nigerian fashion designer and model, has disclosed why she declines movie parts from Nollywood producers and directors.

In a recent interview with Premium Times Newspaper, the fashion icon stated that she declines movie offers from Nollywood directors because they cannot afford to pay her.

Although she has acted in numerous short film productions, Toyin Lawani claims she is too busy and too afraid to appear in full-length films. She stated that because she has a lot on her plate, she can only shoot a short film in which she appears as her brand name, ‘Tiannah.’

In her words, She said: 


“Nollywood filmmakers have been trying to get me into acting, but they can’t afford me. That’s the problem, and again I am busy. I do a lot of things; how am I going to be able to do a whole movie project?

‘So once in a while, when I get to appear as myself in short scenes, I will do them, but I am still afraid to do a whole film.”

Toyin Lawani is now a cast member on the reality show Real Housewives of Lagos. She is the proud owner of 33 profitable and rapidly expanding businesses around the country.