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Discover the inspiring journey of Willis Raburu, a prominent Kenyan media personality, from his humble beginnings in Kano, Nyando District, to becoming a celebrated figure in the media industry. This blog post delves into his early life, career milestones, personal life, and achievements.

Willis Raburu’s  Early Life and Education:

Willis Raburu, born on April 1, 1987, in Kano, Nyando District, Kisumu County, is the third child in a family of four and the youngest son. He attended Aga Khan Primary School in Kisumu City and later pursued his high school education at Chemelil Academy, a boarding school in Muhoroni. Interestingly, he earned some extra income by fetching water for fellow students during his time at the boarding school. Despite initially studying information technology at Moi University, he later switched to information science and media, a decision he kept hidden from his father, who preferred him to study IT.

Willis Raburu’s  Career Beginnings:

Willis’s media journey commenced with an internship at Mediamax’s K24 after graduating. Despite facing rejection from several media companies, he landed a position at Royal Media Services in October 2010, where he remains employed. Starting as a news reporter at Citizen TV, he eventually became the host of the TruthMeter and co-hosted the popular entertainment show, “10 over 10,” with Joey Muthengi. Besides television, Willis also hosts a mid-morning show on Hot 96 radio station.

Willis Raburu’s  Musical Ventures:

In 2021, Willis surprised many by venturing into the music scene, releasing hit songs like “Kalale,” featuring one from Ethics Entertainment. His musical endeavors showcased a different side of him, displaying his versatility beyond the realm of broadcasting.

Willis Raburu’s  Personal Life:

Willis Raburu’s personal life has been marked by ups and downs. His engagement to Sally Mbilu in 2014 ended in a breakup in 2016. Rumors circulated about the split, with some attributing it to Willis’s weight, while others claimed a significant age difference. In 2017, he wedded Mary Ngami, but tragedy struck in 2020 with the loss of their daughter, leading to their separation. Currently, Willis is happily married to Ivy Namu, with whom he shares two children.

Awards and Recognition:

Throughout his career, Willis Raburu has earned accolades such as the Children’s Rights Award, the Maji Award, and the Road Safety Award, solidifying his impact and influence in the media industry.

Willis Raburu’s  Net Worth:

While the exact figure may vary, Willis Raburu’s estimated net worth is around $50,000, a testament to his successful career in the media.

Willis Raburu’s  Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Willis Raburu on Instagram (@willisraburu) and Twitter (@willisraburu) for the latest updates and insights.


  1. What is Willis Raburu’s educational background? Willis studied information technology at Moi University but later switched to information science and media.
  2. How did Willis Raburu enter the media industry? After facing rejection from various media companies, Willis secured an internship at K24 and later joined Royal Media Services in 2010.
  3. Has Willis Raburu won any awards? Yes, Willis has won several awards, including the Children’s Rights Award, the Maji Award, and the Road Safety Award.
  4. What led to Willis Raburu’s musical venture in 2021? In 2021, Willis surprised many by releasing hit songs like “Kalale,” showcasing his versatility beyond broadcasting.
  5. Who is Willis Raburu married to now? Willis Raburu is currently happily married to Ivy Namu, and they have two children together.