Wizkid Slaps A Man For Allegedly Attempting To Steal His Diamond Necklace – Video

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In a video posted online, singer Wizkid confronted a man who was allegedly attempting to steal his diamond necklace and slapped him in the face.

Wizkid always wears his necklace to show off and doesn’t even close his shirts most of the time, so this man thought it would be a good opportunity to steal from him if he got closer to him, but it turned out to be the worst day of his life.

Wizkid and his men were seen approaching the man in the video, and he gave him a dirty slap that he won’t forget easily, and we believe his men did their own thing with the man who allegedly tried to steal his necklace.

The question is, why would anyone in their right mind try to steal a necklace that someone is wearing, even if the person is not even asleep to gain an advantage, but in this case, he was walking in public with guys around him?

Whatever the reason for what the man attempted to do is unknown, but we don’t believe he’ll ever try it again anywhere near Wizkid because this encounter alone is something he’ll never forget in a hurry, let alone repeating it.

Watch Video below: