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Meet Yasmin Said, a talented actress hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, who has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Born and raised in a middle-class Muslim family, Yasmin’s journey to stardom is nothing short of inspiring. In this blog post, we’ll delve into her early life, career, achievements, and more.

Yasmin Early Life and Education:

Yasmin Said’s roots trace back to Nairobi, where she grew up in a warm middle-class Muslim household. Her academic journey began at two primary schools, St. Nicholas and Crisco Educational Center, before she moved on to Ribe Girls High School, where she successfully completed her KCSE.

Yasmin Career Beginnings:

Yasmin’s acting career kickstarted during her high school days when she auditioned for a role on Citizen TV. Impressing key figures like Rashid Abdalla and Judge Lulu Hassan, she quickly gained recognition for her role as a “tomboy.” Her passion for acting grew, and she soon found herself becoming a prominent figure in the industry.

Notable Works:

Yasmin’s talent shines through in various projects, including her role in King Kaka’s music video “Naku Love,” alongside Pascal Tokodi and the late Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula). However, her breakthrough came with the acclaimed TV drama series “Maria,” where she played the lead role.

Indomie Ambassador and Other Ventures:

In June 2020, Yasmin’s hard work paid off when she became the youngest brand ambassador for Indomie, a renowned noodle company. This achievement catapulted her into the spotlight, and she has since secured ambassadorial roles with other brands, such as Pesafy.

Awards and Recognition:

Yasmin’s dedication to her craft earned her the prestigious Best Lead Actress in TV Drama award at the 2020 Kalasha Film & TV Awards. This accolade is a testament to her exceptional acting skills and the love she has garnered from fans.

Yasmin Personal Life:

Despite her rising fame, Yasmin remains grounded, still residing with her parents and focusing on her education. Outside of the limelight, she shares a deep love for pets, often showcasing her affection for animals on social media.


Yasmin’s on-screen journey includes her notable role as Maria in the TV drama series “Maria” and her appearance as a video vixen in King Kaka’s “Naku Love.”

Yasmin Net Worth:

Yasmin’s estimated net worth stands at $125,000, primarily amassed through her role in the popular drama series “Maria” at Royal Media Services (RMS) and her lucrative brand ambassador deals.

Yasmin Social Media Presence:

Connect with Yasmin Said on Instagram (@yasmeen_saiedi) and Twitter (@Maria_wa_Kitta) to stay updated on her latest ventures.


  1. Is Yasmin Said still in school?
    • Yes, Yasmin is currently pursuing her education while navigating her acting career.
  2. What is Yasmin Said’s net worth?
    • Yasmin Said’s net worth is estimated to be $125,000, mainly from her acting career and brand ambassadorship.
  3. How did Yasmin Said start her acting career?
    • Yasmin began her acting career by auditioning for a role on Citizen TV, where she impressed Rashid Abdalla and Judge Lulu Hassan.