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In the vibrant tapestry of literary talent, Yewande Omotoso stands out as a captivating author whose narrative threads weave through Barbados, Nigeria, and South Africa. Born in Bridgetown, Barbados, and raised in Nigeria before returning to South Africa, Yewande’s life journey echoes in her award-winning novels and creative pursuits.

Yewande Omotoso’s Early Life and Education:

Yewande Omotoso was born into the esteemed Omotoso family in Bridgetown, Barbados. Shortly after her birth, her family returned to Nigeria, where she spent her formative years. In 1992, Yewande moved back to South Africa with her father. She pursued her passion for architecture at the University of Cape Town, later earning a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the same institution.

Literary Debut – “Bom Boy”:

In 2011, Yewande Omotoso marked her literary debut with the novel “Bom Boy.” This compelling work garnered widespread acclaim, earning her the South African Literary Award for First-Time Published Author in 2012. The novel’s recognition extended to being shortlisted for the South African Sunday Times Fiction Prize and the M-Net Literary Awards. Additionally, “Bom Boy” secured a runner-up position in the 2013 Etisalat Prize for Literature.

Success Continues – “The Woman Next Door”:

Building on the success of her debut, Yewande published “The Woman Next Door” in 2016. This novel delves into racial relations and the immigrant experience in South Africa since the 1950s. Notably, it was shortlisted for the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2017 and the 2018 International Dublin Literary Award, receiving positive reviews for its poignant exploration of complex emotions.

Yewande Omotoso’s Personal Life:

As the youngest child and only daughter of Professor Kole Omotoso, Yewande Omotoso comes from a family of distinction. Her brother, Akin Omotoso, is a renowned filmmaker. This familial connection reflects the richness of creative talent within their household.

Awards and Nominations:

Yewande’s literary prowess has earned her numerous accolades, including winning the South African Literary Award for First-Time Published Author. She has been shortlisted for prestigious awards such as the South African Sunday Times Fiction Prize and the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction. Her nominations for the M-Net Literary Awards and the Etisalat Prize for Literature underscore her impact on the literary landscape.

Notable Achievements and Scholarships:

In addition to her literary achievements, Yewande Omotoso was awarded the 2014 Etisalat Fellowship at the University of East Anglia. She also received the 2013 Norman Mailer Fellowship and a Miles Morland Scholarship in 2014, further solidifying her position as a multifaceted talent.

Yewande Omotoso’s Net Worth:

An analysis considering her awards, architectural career, and writing endeavors estimates Yewande Omotoso’s net worth at approximately $800,000.

Yewande Omotoso’s Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Yewande Omotoso through her social media handles:

  • Instagram: omotosoyewande
  • Twitter: @yomotoso


  1. Q: What is Yewande Omotoso’s literary background? A: Yewande studied architecture at the University of Cape Town and later pursued a Master’s degree in Creative Writing at the same institution.
  2. Q: What awards has Yewande Omotoso won? A: Yewande has won the South African Literary Award for First-Time Published Author and received the 2014 Etisalat Fellowship, among other honors.
  3. Q: What are Yewande Omotoso’s notable works? A: Yewande’s notable works include “Bom Boy” and “The Woman Next Door,” both acclaimed novels exploring themes of identity and societal complexities.


Yewande Omotoso’s literary journey unfolds as a tale of cultural richness, creative exploration, and impactful storytelling. From her early days in Barbados to the accolades earned in South Africa, Yewande’s narrative resonates with readers worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape.