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Yinka Quadri, born on September 6, 1959, in Lagos Island, is a prominent figure in the Nigerian film industry, known for his remarkable contributions to Nollywood. From his early life in Lagos to his extensive career in acting, Yinka Quadri’s story is one of passion, dedication, and family.

Yinka Quadri’s Early Life and Education:

Hailing from Oke-Ola in Oroo Irepodun local government area, Kwara state, Yinka Quadri grew up in a polygamous family with 22 siblings. His educational journey took him to St Catholic School, Idumagbo, Lagos, for primary education, and Christ High School, Ebute Elefun, Lagos, for secondary education.

Yinka Quadri’s Career Beginnings:

With a passion for architecture, Yinka Quadri embarked on his acting career in 1976 by co-founding the “Afopina Theatre Group” alongside Taiwo Olayinka. Over the years, he has graced the screen in over 90 movies, leaving an indelible mark with notable performances in films like “Apaadi,” “Eni Agbelebu,” and “Ojuse.”

Yinka Quadri’s Personal Life:

Yinka Quadri’s personal life reflects his commitment to family. He is married to two wives and is a proud father of five children and several grandchildren. Notable among his children are Folarin, Olajuwon, and Yewande Quadri, with his son Muyiwa Quadri expressing admiration for his father’s on-screen talent.

Notable Movies:

Quadri’s filmography boasts a range of impactful movies, including “Kura,” “Araba,” “Egbinrin Ote,” and “Abeni,” showcasing his versatility and talent in the industry.

Awards and Nominations:

The actor’s dedication has earned him recognition in the form of awards and nominations. Notably, he was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the 3rd Africa Movie Academy Awards (2007) and Best Indigenous Actor in a Lead Role (Yoruba) at the 2010 Best of Nollywood Awards.

Interesting Facts:

Apart from his illustrious career, here are some intriguing facts about Yinka Quadri:

  1. He favors Lexus Jeep and Toyota 4Runner.
  2. A close friend of Nollywood actor Taiwo Hassan (Ogogo).
  3. Enjoys fruit juice.
  4. A music lover with a penchant for Hip hop, Fuji, and Juju.

Yinka Quadri’s Net Worth:

Yinka Quadri’s success is reflected in his estimated net worth of $250,000, a testament to his enduring influence in the entertainment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: How many children does Yinka Quadri have? A: Yinka Quadri is blessed with five children, including daughters Folarin, Olajuwon, and Yewande, and a son named Muyiwa.

Q2: What are some of Yinka Quadri’s notable movies? A: Some of Yinka Quadri’s notable movies include “Kura,” “Araba,” “Egbinrin Ote,” “Abeni,” and “Apaadi.”

Q3: Has Yinka Quadri received any awards for his acting? A: Yes, Yinka Quadri has received nominations and awards, including Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the 3rd Africa Movie Academy Awards (2007) and Best Actor in a Leading Role (Yoruba) at the 2014 Best of Nollywood Awards.


Yinka Quadri’s journey from his early years in Lagos to becoming a celebrated Nollywood icon is a testament to his passion and dedication. His impact on the Nigerian film industry, coupled with his strong family values, makes him a cherished figure in the hearts of fans and colleagues alike.