“You are mad to think I haven’t had more d!cks in my last 3 years of being unmarried” – Maureen Esisi lambast

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Maureen Esisi, a.k.a. Red Vigor, the former wife of Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, has responded to a follower who claimed she still loves her ex-husband.

She had said on her Instagram that true growth occurs when one’s ex-partner is no longer their type. However, a follower said that Maureen is still in love with Blossom because of her comments regarding ex-partners.

“True Growth is when your Ex isn’t even your type anymore.
Let that sink in,” Maureen captioned her post.

In response, the follower wrote, “This shows u still love Blossom because you keep on bringing up your past. Move on my sister.”

Maureen didn’t take the remark lying down, and she chastised the follower for mistaking her for Blossom. She went on to say that the follower is mistaken in believing she hasn’t dated or had sex with other men since her marriage ended.

You are mad to think that after 35 years on this earth na only one Ex I get. U are even madder to think that I haven’t had more exes or even d*ck in the last 3 years of being unmarried. You if you like don’t move on from my past, stay there and be constituting a nuisance for everything I make a post. Na u sabi my dear.” she wrote.

See Screenshot below: