“You Are Not Worthy To Have A Mother” – Rita Daniels Slams Follower Calling Her ‘Ashawo’

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Veteran actress, Rita Daniels, has reacted to trolls on social media after been called a prostitute for wedding a man younger than her.

I Never Attacked Chika Ike – Rita Daniels

It has been alleged that Rita Daniels wedded the young lover in a traditional wedding ceremony with few of her friends and close relatives present while some people said the wielding is in a movie set she was featured.


Few moments after photos of her traditional wedding ceremony went viral on social media, netizens questioned why she decided to marry a young man describing her as an ‘Ashawo’.

Rita Daniels who was unhappy about this comment, responded and said, 

You’re not worthy to have a mother if you this small sh!t can call someone’s mother ashawo. Anyways your mother will never Rest in Peace but in PIECES.

See the post below;

See reactions below:


The Daniels will soon become the Nigerian Kardashians on you all. Mind your business and let this family live and breathe. Are they the cause of unemployment in Nigeria 😂


Very soon that follower will be looking for curse breaker soap up and down😒


We’re so disrespectful in this generation….sad 😱


Some people are rude why calling someones mother harlot this is bad 😢


Some people don’t just have manners….. You just abuse people anyhow… That’s why Lai Mohammed insist on social media regulation.


Some people no get sense I swear😮 no matter what don’t disrespect someone’s mother like that, if you disrespect my mum.. Hmmmm e go shoke you


I tink ppl should let this woman be . This is so wrong 🙄🙄🙄


These ones will be insulting their elders with cheap data..hmm na wa..


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