“You dey use my own husband do bestie” Jane Mena calls out her sister for sending a Christmas love letter to her husband

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Jane Mena, a controversial celebrity dancer, took to Instagram to call out her sister for referring to her spouse as ‘Bestie.’

Jane Mena’s sister, Zee, wrote her husband a Christmas letter in which she congratulated him for being one of a kind and referred to him as bestie.

As a result, Jane Mena used her Instagram story to publish the content of the letter she sent to her husband, complete with ‘I love you’ tags.

According to the letter:

“Dear plies. My bestie in whom I am well pleased. This year was a tough one but we scaled through. You are one of a kind as I would always say.

Thank you for the amazing trips and gifts over the years. I will repay you when I’m a billionaire. I love you so much and Merry Christmas. With lots of love”.

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