You Do Giveaway on the Street of Instagram but Refused to Pay Me Since 2019 – Cubana Chief Priest Called Out (Screenshots)

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Cubana Chief Priest, a well-known businessman, has been called out for unpaid debts for nearly three years, despite boasting about his wealth on the internet.

According to an Instagram big boy who goes by the handle Killaboigram, he did some clothing shopping for the celebrity bartender in 2019 for a total of N700,000 but has yet to be paid.

The embattled man, who shared a series of their chat screenshots, accused Cubana Chief priest of doing multiple giveaways online but was unconcerned about paying off his debt.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get the hotelier to reimburse him for his fees, he decided to take the high road and call him out on Instagram.

According to the Man:

“You spray money on every event, do numerous giveaway on this street of Instagram for online validation but can’t pay a debt you been owing me for almost 2year now. Like wtf!!!
I send you DM’s for my money you read and ignore, are you mad???”

See Screenshots below: