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In the vibrant world of Nigerian street pop, Young Duu, formerly known as Oluwabamishe, has emerged as a rising sensation under the Zeh Nation record label. This blog post unveils the intriguing journey of the 20-year-old artist, highlighting his challenges, controversies, and recent successes.

Young Duu’s Early Days and Breakthrough:

Born in 2003 in Agege, Young Duu faced early struggles from hailing from a financially constrained background. However, he swiftly rose to fame after signing an exclusive contract with Zeh Nation in 2022. His debut track, “Show Show Show,” in collaboration with Portable, set the stage for his remarkable journey in the street pop music scene.

Egbemi and Fun-Fueled Pop Stardom:

In 2023, Young Duu soared to new heights with the release of “Egbemi,” a Yoruba phrase translating to “take me.” Despite initial critiques of his humorous approach, his infectious pop style garnered widespread acceptance.

Young Duu’s Controversial Departure from Zeh Nation:

A tumultuous chapter unfolded when a feud erupted between Young Duu and Portable, his former boss at Zeh Nation. Allegations of assault, forced car washing, and disputes over profits led Young Duu to part ways with the record label, leaving him in the midst of public scrutiny.

Rise from Adversity: Support from Karterefe and B-Lord Group:

Amidst the controversy, Young Duu found solace in the support of fans and notable figures. Karterefe, a sketch artist turned singer, extended a helping hand, introducing him to One Kesh and a transformative collaboration with B-Lord Group. This collaboration not only propelled Young Duu’s music career but also turned him into the face of the Bill-point brand.

Oyinmo: A Tale of Struggle and Triumph:

Released on November 8, 2023, “Oyinmo” narrates the hardships faced by Young Duu and Cater Efe on their journey to stardom. The track showcases resilience and determination, earning acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Carter Efe’s Solo Act and Controversial Statements:

A video surfaces of Carter Efe performing a song allegedly written by Young Duu. In response, Carter defends his solo performance, citing reasons for not collaborating with Young Duu and expressing dissatisfaction with helping upcoming artists.

Young Duu’s Net Worth and Recent Achievements:

Despite his humble beginnings, Young Duu’s net worth has seen a substantial increase. One Kesh’s generous gift of an iPhone 15 Pro Max and a multi-million Naira deal with B-Lord Group have further solidified his position in the industry.


Q1: Why did Young Duu leave Zeh Nation?

A1: Young Duu parted ways with Zeh Nation due to disputes over profits, allegations of assault, and claims of forced car washing.

Q2: Who supported Young Duu after leaving Zeh Nation?

A2: Karterefe, One Kesh, and B-Lord Group played pivotal roles in supporting Young Duu’s career post his departure from Zeh Nation.

Q3: What is the inspiration behind “Oyinmo”?

A3: “Oyinmo” narrates Young Duu and Cater Efe’s struggles before achieving stardom, showcasing their resilience and triumph over adversity.


Young Duu’s journey is a testament to perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges, proving that talent and determination can indeed overcome adversity. Stay tuned as this young street pop sensation continues to captivate audiences with his infectious beats and compelling narrative.