Your Man Is A Chronic Cheat If He Loves Big Backside – Pretty Mike Reveals

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Pretty Mike of Lagos has declared unequivocally that men who adore huge bum are chronic cheaters, so if your man is with you because of your enormous nyash, know that he can’t be saved from cheating.

Pretty Mike Of Lagos wanted to tell girls the truth about men who adore large bottoms, helping them understand that there’s no way they’ll stop cheating, thus knowing this gives you peace of mind.

According to him, if your man is a backside lover, just know that he’s a chronic cheat, and no statistics are required to prove this because he will always cheat as long as new a$$ continue to leave the surgeon’s table and emerge on IG explore.

As a result, if you know your boyfriend is a lover of a$$ and he’s basically with you because of your a$$, just know that no matter what you do to retain him, he’ll cheat on you because he’s not a man who can be kept.

He Said:

“If your man is a backside/backyard lover, I mean if your man likes Big Yansh”… just know that he’s a chronic cheat, no statistics is needed for proof. Infact! If he’s with you because of your bumbum, know that he can never be redeemed from cheating🤔.
Have you seen what is out there🍑? With the consistent emergence of new booties, varying in all shapes, colors,sizes,cuts and curves 😍…you really think your man would keep it in his pants for just you? Are you kidding?”

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