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Yvonne Nelson, born in Accra, Ghana, is a prominent figure in the world of African entertainment, celebrated not only for her acting prowess but also for her impactful advocacy work. From her early days in the beauty pageant scene to becoming a household name in the Ghanaian and Nigerian film industries, Yvonne has carved out a niche for herself. This blog post delves into her life, career, and the various roles she plays both on and off the screen.

Yvonne Nelson’s  Early Life and Education:

Yvonne Nelson’s roots trace back to the Ga and Fante people in Accra, Ghana. Her educational journey began at St. Martin’s De Porres School, and later, she attended Aggrey Memorial Senior High School. Her pursuit of higher education led her to Central University College, where she obtained a degree in human resources management. In 2020, she achieved another milestone, graduating with a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Ghana University of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

Yvonne Nelson’s  Career:

Yvonne Nelson’s foray into the entertainment industry started with a beauty pageant victory in high school. However, it was her role in the movie “Princess Tyra” that marked the beginning of her acting career. Venturing into Nollywood in 2007, she quickly rose to superstardom. In 2011, Yvonne made her mark as a producer with “The Prices,” followed by successful productions like “Single and Married” (2012) and “House of Gold” (2013).

Apart from her acting career, Yvonne is a multifaceted entrepreneur, running a fashion shop called “YN’s Closet” and a hairline that caters to the latest trends.

Activism and Philanthropy:

Yvonne Nelson is not only a talented actress but also a vocal advocate. In 2015, she spearheaded the “DumsorMustStop” vigil, addressing the energy crisis in Ghana. She continues to use her platform to address political issues, emphasizing the need for development and tackling unemployment in the country.

In 2010, Yvonne founded the Yvonne Nelson Foundation, focusing on creating awareness about various issues, supported by fellow Ghanaian celebrities and organizations like the Elson Foundation. Her commitment to fighting glaucoma earned her a special award at the “MTN Heroes of Change.”

Yvonne Nelson’s  Personal Life:

Yvonne’s personal journey reflects resilience and triumph over challenges. Raised by her single mother, she celebrates Mother’s Day as her mother has been her hero since adolescence. In 2019, Yvonne welcomed her daughter, Ryn Roberts, with her ex-partner Jamie Robert, keeping her relationship life private.


Yvonne Nelson’s extensive filmography showcases her versatility and talent, with notable films like “Love War,” “Folly,” “Heart of Men,” and “House of Gold” earning her accolades.

Yvonne Nelson’s  Awards and Recognition:

Yvonne’s contributions to the film industry have not gone unnoticed. She has received numerous nominations and awards, including Joy Nite Fm Awards, Ghana Movie Awards, and Glitz Style Awards, establishing her as a trailblazer in African cinema.


Q: When did Yvonne Nelson start her acting career? A: Yvonne Nelson officially started her acting career after playing a role in the movie “Princess Tyra.”

Q: What is Yvonne Nelson’s foundation focused on? A: Yvonne Nelson’s foundation, established in 2010, focuses on creating awareness about various issues, with a special emphasis on fighting glaucoma.

Q: What is Yvonne Nelson’s net worth? A: Yvonne Nelson’s net worth is estimated at US$1 million, making her one of the richest actresses in Ghana.


Yvonne Nelson’s journey from a beauty pageant winner to a celebrated actress, producer, and advocate is truly inspiring. Her commitment to addressing social issues and her impact on the African film industry have solidified her place as a trailblazer. As Yvonne continues to make waves both on and off the screen, her story serves as a testament to resilience, determination, and the power of using one’s platform for positive change.