“A Guy Sent Me A DM Saying He Uses ,My Pictures And Videos To Masturbate”- Actress Uju Mandy Says

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Nigeria actress, Mandy Ujunwa reveals that she has had some embarrassing moments due to her gifts.

I need bigger butts to complement my massive upper region –Actress, Uju  Mandy Obi | Theinfong

The actress mentioned during her interview with Saturday Sun, that has had many embarrassing yet funny messages from male fans on social media.

She said;



“I do see lots of very funny messages on my Instagram page. In fact, it is an everyday thing. I just read and laugh. The recent most embarrassing and funny message I received was when a guy sent me a DM saying he uses my pictures and videos to masturbate. I was shocked,” she recalled.

She has reveal the reasons why she took a break from acting.

She said;

 “For now, I have actually taken a break from acting because it’s not easy! Acting is not easy at all, including sexual harassment. I need to put myself together before going back. Movie producers would not let me rest. Some of them, not all sha. But I am not in for that kind of lifestyle because I value my body a lot. My body isn’t for everyone. Only people that deserve it that can have my body.”

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