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In the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, emerged a musical sensation, Bad Boy Timz, born on August 13, 1994. Growing up in Lagos State, he later ventured into the world of music, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. This blog post delves into the life, career, controversies, and achievements of Bad Boy Timz, a promising artist on the rise.

Bad Boy Timz’s Early Life and Education:

Bad Boy Timz’s roots trace back to Lagos, where he was born and raised. In 2020, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Bells University of Technology, showcasing a diverse range of talents beyond his musical endeavors.

Bad Boy Timz’s Career Beginnings:

Bad Boy Timz’s foray into the music scene gained momentum when a freestyle cover of Davido’s “If” went viral on Twitter. This marked the beginning of his musical journey, eventually leading to the release of his official single, “Complete Me.”

Controversial Record Label Dispute:

The artist faced a significant setback in his career due to a dispute with his former record label, Anonymous Music. In May 2021, Bad Boy Timz launched Shock Absorbers Music and signed a distribution deal with Empire Label, citing the label’s breach of contract conditions and his unjust detention as the catalysts for termination.


Bad Boy Timz’s discography boasts a mix of soulful and energetic tracks, including “Hustle,” “MJ,” “Have Fun,” and collaborations such as “Skelele” featuring Olamide. His musical prowess also earned him featured spots on tracks like “Loading” by Olamide and “Complicationship” by Tanasha Donna.

Awards and Nominations:

The artist has garnered recognition for his talent, winning the Best New Act at the 2020 City People Entertainment Awards and Rookie of the Year at The Headies. Additionally, he received a nomination for the Most Played Hip Hop Song at the 2021 Net Honours.

Bad Boy Timz’s Net Worth:

As of now, Bad Boy Timz is a rising star with an estimated net worth of $50,000, a testament to his burgeoning success in the music industry.

Bad Boy Timz’s Social Media Presence:

The artist maintains a strong online presence with over 625,000 Instagram followers (@badboytimz) and 210,000 Twitter followers (@Badboytimz), providing fans with a glimpse into his musical and personal journey.


  1. What inspired Bad Boy Timz to pursue a career in music?
    • Bad Boy Timz was inspired to pursue music after a freestyle cover of Davido’s “If” went viral on Twitter, propelling him into the spotlight.
  2. How did the dispute with his former record label impact his career?
    • The dispute led to Bad Boy Timz terminating his contract with Anonymous Music, citing unjust detention and a breach of contract conditions.
  3. What are some of Bad Boy Timz’s notable collaborations?
    • Notable collaborations include “Loading” with Olamide, “Complicationship” with Tanasha Donna, and “Faaji” with Blaqbonez and 1da Banton.


Bad Boy Timz’s journey from a freestyle sensation to a rising star is a testament to his talent and resilience. Despite facing challenges, he continues to captivate audiences with his music. As he navigates the dynamic music industry, Bad Boy Timz stands as a symbol of determination and artistic innovation.