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Bhimji Depar Shah’s extraordinary life began in Cairo, Egypt, in 1931, and eventually led him to establish himself as a prominent figure in Kenya’s business landscape. This blog post will delve into the intriguing story of Bhimji Depar Shah, his entrepreneurial ventures, and the legacy he has built.

Bhimji Depar Shah’s  Early Years and Education:

Born in 1931, details about Bhimji Depar Shah’s early education are elusive, but his entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age. At the tender age of 15, he embarked on his business journey, laying the foundation for a future filled with remarkable achievements.

Bhimji Depar Shah’s  Career Milestones:

Settling in Nyeri, a town in the Central Highlands of Kenya, Bhimji Depar Shah opened a petrol station, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial endeavors. In 1985, he took a significant step by founding Bidco Industries Limited in Nyeri, initially focused on garment production. However, the company pivoted to soap production, laying the groundwork for its expansion.

Bidco Industries Limited Growth:

In 1991, Bidco Industries Limited expanded its operations to include an edible oil manufacturing plant in Thika. The company’s international headquarters moved to this strategic location northeast of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. Bidco Industries Limited emerged as a leading industrial conglomerate, specializing in the production of soaps, detergents, and baking powder. With an annual gross revenue exceeding US$500 million, Bidco’s products are now distributed in 13 African countries.

Awards and Recognition:

Bidco Industries Limited’s commitment to excellence did not go unnoticed. In 2019, African Business Magazine ranked Bidco among the top five most admired brands in Kenya, a testament to the company’s influence and positive impact on the market.

Bidco FC and Sporting Legacy:

Beyond business, Bhimji Depar Shah extended his influence to the sporting arena by founding and chairing Bidco United. Originally a local team in the National Super League, Bidco United has risen to compete in the prestigious Kenyan Premier League, showcasing the visionary leadership of its founder.

Bhimji Depar Shah’s  Personal Life:

Bhimji Depar Shah’s family plays an integral role in the Bidco success story. His son, Vimal Shah, currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Bidco Africa, while Tarun Shah contributes as the group’s executive director of business.

Bhimji Depar Shah’s  Net Worth and Legacy:

As of recent rankings, Bhimji Depar Shah holds the distinction of being the wealthiest individual in Kenya and the 31st richest in Africa, boasting a net worth of $700 million. His legacy extends far beyond financial success, encompassing business innovation, community impact, and the nurturing of future leaders.

Bhimji Depar Shah’s  Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with the Bidco Group on Twitter through their handle @bidcogroup for the latest updates and insights into the company’s endeavors.


Q: What is Bidco Industries Limited known for? A: Bidco Industries Limited is a major producer of soaps, detergents, and baking powder, with a significant presence in 13 African countries.

Q: How did Bidco FC evolve in the sporting arena? A: Bidco FC, now Bidco United, started as a local team in the National Super League and has ascended to compete in the prestigious Kenyan Premier League.

Q: Who is Bhimji Depar Shah’s successor in Bidco Africa? A: Bhimji Depar Shah’s son, Vimal Shah, currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Bidco Africa.


Bhimji Depar Shah’s journey from Cairo to becoming a business mogul in Kenya is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship, resilience, and visionary leadership. His impact on the business and sporting arenas, coupled with his commitment to excellence, leaves an enduring legacy that continues to shape Kenya’s corporate landscape