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In the vibrant world of graphic design, success stories often emerge from a blend of childhood inspiration, educational pursuits, and unwavering passion. Omotola Adeyinka Busari, known as Tọla, is one such success story that encapsulates the essence of creativity, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Omotola Adeyinka Busari’s Childhood Roots:

Tọla’s love affair with art blossomed in the enchanting backdrop of his childhood. Nighttime folktales and his father’s artistic prowess in their magical hometown fueled his early fascination with visual arts. His father, an excellent artist, painted dreams on canvas and spent countless hours sketching in their living room, setting the stage for Tọla’s artistic journey.

Omotola Adeyinka Busari’s Educational Journey:

Tọla’s artistic journey began at the tender age of seven, translating his imaginative observations into compelling drawings. Despite his love for art, he pursued formal education, starting at Funmiso Nursery School and later attending St. Anthony Primary School and Community Grammar School. Tọla’s path led him to Ogbomosho, where he honed his design skills before delving into graphic design at Osun State Polytechnic.

Omotola Adeyinka Busari’s Career Ascent:

After completing his National Diploma in 2011, Tọla ventured into the graphic design arena. His career officially took flight at RedArk Media Lagos in 2013, where he worked diligently for two years, enhancing his skills and versatility. Post-RedArk, he embarked on freelance entrepreneurship, handling initiatives for both foreign and domestic brands.

Tọla’s commitment to continuous improvement prompted him to return to school, culminating in a Higher National Diploma in 2019. He seized the opportunity to establish Tola Studios, a creative haven managing branding projects, logos, web designs, and nurturing the next generation of graphic artists.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Beyond the realm of graphic design, Tọla is a multifaceted entrepreneur. He is the creative force behind Adire By RADE, a company specializing in Adire textile art. Additionally, as the owner of Hub201 Media and the visionary behind Odoori Market, an e-trade platform, Tọla is committed to making trade and business accessible across Africa.

Humanitarian Endeavors:

Tọla’s altruistic spirit led him to establish the Omotola Adeyinka Busari (OAB) foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting the disempowered and underprivileged in the community. He also pioneered Iwo Vendors, connecting entrepreneurs to economic opportunities and fostering business development.

Accolades and Achievements:

Tọla’s contributions to the field have not gone unnoticed. He received the Rotaract Humanitarian Service Award in Osun State and the prestigious 2021 NGD (Naija Graphic Designers) Community Award of Excellence. His commitment to excellence has made him one of Nigeria’s most successful graphic designers.

Omotola Adeyinka Busari’s Personal Life:

Away from the professional realm, Tọla is a family man with a beautiful wife and two adorable children, balancing his career success with personal fulfillment.


Omotola Adeyinka Busari’s journey from childhood inspiration to graphic design success is a testament to the power of passion, education, and entrepreneurial spirit. As he continues to make a mark in the creative industry and contribute to humanitarian causes, Tọla stands as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs.


Q1: What inspired Tọla’s love for art? A1: Tọla’s love for art was inspired by his childhood memories of nighttime folktales and his father’s expertise as an excellent artist in their magical hometown.

Q2: How did Tọla balance education and his passion for art? A2: Despite his love for art, Tọla pursued formal education, attending schools like St. Anthony Primary School and Osun State Polytechnic, where he honed his design skills.

Q3: What entrepreneurial ventures has Tọla undertaken? A3: Tọla is involved in various entrepreneurial ventures, including Adire By RADE, Hub201 Media, and Odoori Market, showcasing his commitment to diverse business endeavors.

Q4: What humanitarian initiatives has Tọla spearheaded? A4: Tọla established the Omotola Adeyinka Busari (OAB) foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the disempowered and underprivileged in the community.

Q5: What accolades has Tọla received in his career? A5: Tọla received the Rotaract Humanitarian Service Award in Osun State and the 2021 NGD Community Award of Excellence, among other honors, recognizing his contributions to the graphic design field.