Chicken Republic Guards Sacked For Dancing On Duty, Gets New Job From Politician

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The two security guards who were sacked for entertaining guests with their dance moves have been offered jobs by Ossai Ovie Success, Special Assistant to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta state.

The two young men got into trouble for thrilling customers at Chicken Republic and when their exuberant video was shared online, their employers thought they failed to interpret their professional duties properly.

They were consequently given the sack which sparked mixed reactions social media. The Nigerian politician upon learning about the new development shared the video on his Facebook page and offered them a job.

He wrote;


I have a job for them at Delta First Media I heard they were sacked by Chicken Republic fast food because they were dancing on duty. They actually succeeded in bringing more customers to the Chicken republic with their dancing video but with the sack, Chicken Republic fast food just succeeded in losing more customers. We are leaving in an era of social media and those guys should be appreciated by Chicken Republic fast food for free promotion not sack . Please if you can reach them, tell them I have a Job for them at Delta First Media Asaba. Let’s spread love , don’t let people lose their job because the country hard.