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Bishop (Dr) Chris Kwakpovwe, born on November 15, 1961, in Ugheli, Delta state of Nigeria, is a renowned figure known for his unwavering faith, academic achievements, and significant contributions to the ministry. This blog post delves into his inspiring biography, educational background, early life, personal and family details, ministry, challenges faced, and his impactful philanthropic endeavors.

Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe  Biography and Early Life:

Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe, the first of twelve children, was born to Pa Stephen Kasoro Kwakpovwe, a retired educationist, and Mrs Theresa Kwakpovwe. Despite the challenges of his middle-class upbringing, he thrived with the loving support of his parents and the church community. A destined child, he was miraculously saved from drowning at the age of six, foreshadowing his life’s extraordinary journey.

Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe Education:

Kwakpovwe’s academic journey began in Ughelli, where his brilliance earned him a full scholarship to Government College Ugheli. He later pursued Pharmacy at the University of Ife, graduating in 1983. In 1999, he earned his Ph.D. in Theology and received an honorary doctorate degree in Theology from Calvary Academy in collaboration with Lighthouse Christian University, New York, USA.

Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe  Early Ministry and Challenges:

Chris Kwakpovwe’s early encounter with the Lord at 14 ignited a passion for evangelism. Despite facing risks and hardships, including encounters with assassins, he remained steadfast in spreading the gospel. His father’s influence as a retired principal instilled moral values and a drive for excellence in him. The transition from pharmacy to full-time ministry came in 1992, marked by challenges and a period of living in dire conditions.

Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe  Ministry and Achievements:

Kwakpovwe worked with notable figures like Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, and Bishop Felix Omobude during his early ministry. Ordained as a bishop in 2011, he became an international speaker, leader of a global ministry, and an author with over 70 published books. Notable works include “War Against Haman” and “My Womb Must Open By Fire.”

Philanthropy and Programs:

Beyond his ministerial duties, Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe actively engages in philanthropy. He organizes annual events like World Anointing Night and Mercy Week, providing medical outreach to hundreds in need. The Dream Centre and Manna Mercy Foundation, founded by him, focus on supporting widows, orphans, and the less privileged.


Q1: What inspired Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe to become a full-time pastor? A1: Kwakpovwe’s early encounter with the Lord at 14 fueled his passion for evangelism, leading him to answer the call to full-time ministry in 1992.

Q2: How did he overcome challenges during his early ministry? A2: Despite facing severe hardships, including contemplating suicide, Kwakpovwe transformed his life through divine intervention. He started writing the devotional booklet “Our Daily Manna,” which became a global success.


Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe’s life is a testament to faith, resilience, and impact. From a middle-class upbringing to becoming a globally recognized bishop, his journey inspires many. As he continues to spread the gospel and contribute to philanthropic causes, his legacy remains a beacon of hope for believers worldwide.