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In the vibrant world of Kenyan comedy, one name stands out – Daniel Ndambuki, better known as Churchill. From his humble beginnings in Kitui town to becoming the richest comedian in Kenya, Churchill has not only left an indelible mark on the comedy industry but has also played a pivotal role in nurturing new talents. In this blog post, we delve into Churchill’s life, career, awards, and his significant impact on the comedy scene in East Africa.

 Churchill  Early Life and Education:

Born in Kitui town, Churchill later moved to Machakos, Kenya. He attended Machakos Township Primary and proceeded to Mumbuni High School for his secondary education. Despite having the opportunity to study abroad, Churchill declined, opting instead for a theology program at Word of Life in Kabete, Nairobi. Eventually, he graduated from Daystar University with a degree in Mass Communication.

 Churchill  Career Beginnings:

Churchill’s comedic journey started in 1996, but it was in the early 2000s that he elevated comedy to new heights. He gained fame through the hit comedy show “Redykyulass,” where he shared the stage with notable comedians like Nyambane, Kajairo, KJ, and others. In 2008, he launched the Churchill Live Comedy Show, later renamed the Churchill Show, which became a launching pad for many comedians, including Eric Omondi, Teacher Wanjiku, and MCA Tricky.

 Churchill  Social Media and Kids Festival:

Churchill became the first Kenyan to reach 1,000,000 likes on Facebook, showcasing his widespread popularity. He also hosted a segment on his show called “Toto’s Corner” and created the Kids Festival, impacting over 55,000 kids and families.

Churchill Academy:

As a mentor, Churchill has significantly contributed to the growth of the comedy industry in East Africa. Through programs like “Top Comic,” he has propelled numerous comedians to success. The Churchill Academy has produced 73 new comedians, with weekly shows airing on TV, namely Churchill Show and Churchill Raw.

 Churchill  Personal Life:

While Churchill keeps his family life private, it’s known that he is happily married with children.

Awards and Achievements:

Churchill has earned numerous awards over the years, recognizing his contributions to comedy and entertainment. From Mavuno Awards in 1999 to Kalasha Awards in 2019, Churchill has consistently proven his excellence.

FAQs about Churchill:

  1. What is Churchill’s educational background? Churchill graduated from Daystar University with a degree in Mass Communication.
  2. How did Churchill rise to fame? He gained fame through the hit comedy show “Redykyulass” in the early 2000s and later launched the Churchill Live Comedy Show.
  3. How many comedians has the Churchill Academy produced? The academy has produced 73 new comedians and counting.
  4. What awards has Churchill won? Churchill has won various awards, including the Kalasha Awards, UK Kenya Achievers Award, and Olx SOMA Awards.


Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill, has not only made a significant impact on the Kenyan comedy scene but has also shaped the careers of many comedians. From his early days on “Redykyulass” to the success of the Churchill Show, his journey is an inspiring tale of passion, talent, and dedication to the craft. As a mentor and a comedic icon, Churchill continues to leave a lasting legacy in East Africa’s entertainment landscape.