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Derrick Jaxn, born on July 3, 1989, in Alabama, emerged from a challenging childhood to become a renowned relationship expert with a thriving YouTube channel. This blog post delves into the life of Derrick Jaxn, his journey, achievements, and the keys to his success.

Derrick Jaxn’s  Early Life and Challenges:

Derrick’s childhood in Alabama was marked by the absence of his Jamaican father, who disappeared during his teenage years. Raised by a single mother among four siblings, Derrick overcame numerous obstacles to shape the man he is today.

Derrick Jaxn’s  Educational Background:

Derrick holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Science from the College of Business and Information Science. Post-graduation, he ventured into sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 company, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

Derrick Jaxn’s  Professional Life and YouTube Channel:

In December 2010, Derrick launched his YouTube channel, focusing on love, romance, and relationship guidance. With over 700,000 subscribers, he has become a prominent figure in the realm of relationship advice, earning accolades such as the coveted silver play button.

Derrick’s writing career gained momentum during his college days, notably with his first successful book, “A Cheating Man’s Heart.” Subsequently, he authored several other well-received books, including “Don’t Forget Your Crown,” “I Still Want It,” and “Single Mothers Are for Grown Men Only.”

Derrick Jaxn’s  Net Worth and Earnings:

As of September 2023, Derrick Jaxn’s alleged net worth is $1.5 million. His income streams include book sales, motivational speaking engagements, and revenue from his YouTube channel, which rakes in between $8.4k and $134k annually.

Derrick Jaxn’s  Personal Life: Marriage and Family:

Derrick married Da’Naia Broadus in January 2018, and they welcomed their first child, Marley, in October 2016. Despite his busy career, Derrick has been a source of inspiration for his wife, helping her overcome depression and prepare for their wedding. The couple openly expresses their desire to expand their family with two more children.

Derrick Jaxn’s  Social Media Presence:

Derrick actively engages with his audience on various social media platforms. With 1.3 million followers on Instagram (@derricjaxn) and 632,000 on Twitter (@derrickjaxn), he continues to share updates and insights, creating a positive and influential online presence.

 Controversy-free Reputation:

Derrick Jaxn has successfully maintained a balanced and content life, both personally and professionally. His dedication to his craft and commitment to positivity have shielded him from controversies and rumors.

FAQ Section:

Q: How did Derrick Jaxn start his career?

A: Derrick’s writing career took off in college with the success of his first book, “A Cheating Man’s Heart,” which garnered attention from college athletes.

Q: What is Derrick Jaxn’s net worth?

A: As of September 2023, Derrick Jaxn’s alleged net worth is $1.5 million, stemming from book sales, motivational speaking, and YouTube revenue.

Q: Is Derrick Jaxn active on social media?

A: Yes, Derrick is active on Instagram (@derricjaxn) with 1.3 million followers and Twitter (@derrickjaxn) with 632,000 followers, regularly sharing updates and insights.


Derrick Jaxn’s journey from a challenging childhood to a successful relationship expert and content creator is both inspiring and impactful. Through his books, YouTube channel, and positive online presence, Derrick continues to influence and guide individuals seeking advice on love and relationships.